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We have pioneered several projects at farm level, to help the farmers capitalize on their harvest, teaching them how to make the most of their produce and encouraging them to produce increasingly better quality Speciality Coffee.


At Portillas Café these projects have a mutual benefit, whereby dedicating time and investment at farm level, Portillas Café can also ensure that their customers receive the highest quality directly traded coffee.


Many farmers have little knowledge about the quality of their coffee. By setting up a community coffee laboratory at farm level farmers can learn about the difference between speciality coffee and commercial coffee.


The laboratory is helping farmers realize the quality of their coffee, as well as equipping them to improve their processes and overall coffee quality. The lab is helping farmers to have confidence in asking for a fair price because of its quality.


We have been helping farmers to sun dry more of their coffee. A major problem is that the farmers don’t have enough space to dry all their coffee so they sell it wet; at a much lower price than their ‘Dry Parchment coffee’. By providing funding for the farmers, they have been able to build new drying tables, and increase the size of their drying tunnels; increasing their returns.


We have been working alongside Fundación Germinar, who have provided great training support for the farmers. These courses inform farmers on the latest findings on how to improve their coffee processing and maximize coffee harvesting. Topics include: Fermentation processes, Cupping process.


We have found that many coffee farmers are unable to sustain themselves 100% through the coffee harvest. Many don’t have enough capital to pay workers at the start of the harvest so they sell their coffee too early receiving low prices.


We are assisting farmers by forward funding at the beginning of the harvest enabling them to dedicate time and effort to maximise their harvest rather than cutting corners to reduce costs.

So What makes Portillas Café so special.