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Meet Frank and Rachel co-founders of Portillas Café. From lively Irish and Latino roots, it’s not surprising the reason for Portillas Café is FAMILY. Frank’s; are coffee farmers in Nariño, a coffee region in Colombia renowned for some of the best coffee in Colombia.


Three years ago, during a visit to the farms they realized that the farmers had gold but just didn’t know how good it was, many were being forced to consider diversifying from coffee production. For Rachel and Frank that seemed crazy, hence they started Portillas to help these farmers make the best of their gold.


Coffee in hand, an idea was hatched … Portillas Café Colombian Coffee with its dream of delivering a fair price to farmers for their produce beyond the current commoditized return alongside building long trusting relationships with customers and most importantly an amazing cup of coffee.


TASTE- Grown between 1700-2000 masl, in Nariño, Colombia is renowned for its perfect growing conditions, at this altitude the warm tropical days and cool nights are ideal for helping the beans develop slowly.


QUALITY- Frank and Rachel have been working with the farmers to ensure these beans are at their best; refining the protocols of cultivation across all the stages in the process, resulting in highest quality ‘Speciality Coffee’. This coffee is grown in special climates and distinctive because of their full cup taste and few defects. Their unique flavors are a result of the composition of the soils in which they are produced. This requires the dedication of all of those involved in the coffee value chain working together to maintain focus on excellence.


SINGLE ORIGIN- Portillas Café is 100% directly sourced from farms they know and work on; many of them family and never mixed with lower quality beans.

So What makes Portillas Café so special.